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C-Merak Foods offers a line of Canadian made plant-based products from the Faba bean.

As fuel for a healthier future, all of our ingredients are:



Low Sodium



Low Ash


Low Fat


C-Merak ingredients are ideally suited for a wide range of nutritionally balanced and sustainable applications. The natural characteristics of Faba ingredients can support flavour, texture and colour profiles to meet diverse global preferences.

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Food and Beverages

High protein content of Faba makes it an attractive choice to incorporate as a protein alternative or enhancer.
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Pet Food

Natural plant-based yet grain-free pet food,snacks and treats for pet dietary needs.
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Livestock Feed

High protein blends of feed mixes for beef, sheep, swine, poultry and other species.
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Essential plant-based protein and minerals for commercial fish food formulations.
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Industrial Products

Sustainable source material for industrial uses including textiles, biodegradable products, bio-char, soil health and low carbon energy solutions.


Our protein concentrate has up to 65% protein.

High in amino acids and micronutrients, Faba protein makes an excellent ingredient for balanced nutrition. Our concentrate has neutral colour and texture with a neutral pulse flavour - perfect for consumer appealing products enriched with clean quality protein such as meat extenders, proteins powders, cereal bars, protein bars, bakery goods and beverages.

Functional Benefits & Applications

Acts as a stabilizer
Improves consistency
Smooth texture
Replacement for animal, egg or other plant-based proteins
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The starch is 100% natural with the added benefit of residual protein to enhance nutritional value.

Faba starch is a versatile ingredient. A natural binder and viscosity enhancer make it a desired food ingredient for adding thickness and highlighting flavours. Starch has a long shelf life valuable for baking goods or supplementing meals, sauces, dressings and snack foods. The starch is low in fat and digests slowly supporting multiple uses across food and feed applications. The unique properties of the starch are being applied in innovative solutions for manufacturing textiles and biodegradable products.

Functional Benefits & Applications

Thickening and binding agent
Improves texture
Absorbs water
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An alternative to traditional grain flour, our Faba flour is high in protein and is gluten-free.

Baking cookies or treats for pets? Faba flour can replace wheat flour in pasta, snacks, cakes, breads and so much more. The naturally high protein and fibre content will elevate the nutritional profile of your products.

Functional Benefits & Applications

Provides binding and structure
Smooth texture
Adaptable dough strength
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Our low tannin hulls are packed with dietary fibre.

Hulls are the protective layer that surrounds the bean. We remove the hulls prior to the dry milling process. Similar to pea fibre, faba fibre has growing potential as a fibre-rich ingredient in the food and feed industries. The natural fertilizer properties of the hulls create an ideal chemical free substance to manage soil health and enhance crop yields.

Functional Benefits & Applications

Soluble and insoluble fibre
Clean energy source
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Product developers who are seeking new combinations of global and local flavours for healthier great tasting options can benefit from our custom blends. We are excited to work with individual customers to meet innovative product needs. From unique formulations to custom concentrate, C-Merak Foods can help bring your product ideas to life.

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