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Construction on C-Merak’s Dry Milling Plant has begun.
The global population is projected to reach 9.7B people by 2050. As our world grows, we need new sources of protein to keep pace with demand. Plant-based protein offers a healthy and sustainable alternative. Here, in Tisdale Saskatchewan’s vibrant agriculture industry, C-Merak is inspired to be part of the solution.

Construction on our first value-added processing plant is underway! Our dry milling process will be used to create protein concentrates, flours and other food ingredients from locally sourced faba beans and oats. The plant is planned to open this fall.

“Our family has been farming around Tisdale for four generations. We know the quality of crops that are grown by farms in the area. We want to start processing those crops into higher value ingredients right next to where they are harvested. “, comments Brett Casavant, CEO of C-Merak. “This investment demonstrates our confidence in the region. Our team is excited to develop new market opportunities for local producers and to showcase ingredients made in Northeast Saskatchewan. We thank the Town and Rural Municipality (RM) for their ongoing support and look forward to working together to attract more agriculture projects into the area.”

The plant is located 3 kms outside of Tisdale in the RM Agriculture Industrial Park. Both the Town and RM see the potential that accompanies C-Merak’s investment. “This project will have long-lasting and positive local economic impact starting with new jobs to support the facility's construction and permanent employment once the plant is running.” said Brendan Samida, Chair of the Invest Tisdale Economic Board. The Invest Tisdale Board, a joint collaboration between the Town and RM, is working to grow agriculture business in the area. This includes land use planning for new projects and expanding local providers of goods and services to supply agriculture operations in Northeast Saskatchewan.

The agricultural industry has made Tisdale one of the most successful communities in Saskatchewan. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to be another example of how ‘opportunity grows here’.

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