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Strong roots grow fields of opportunity in life, work and play.

Here is how we plan to create a sustainable positive impact.

Vibrant and healthy agriculture

Our goal is to build the bridge between our family of producers and the global demand for plant protein. By adding value to local crops, we create opportunities for producers to diversify and realize higher returns from their land. Compared to other crops, a Faba field can produce up to 39% higher returns per acre. Together with our production contracts, adopting Faba beans in your crop rotation has never been easier!

Prosperous and growing community

Our projects will develop local opportunities in the Parkland region and across Saskatchewan. Through the construction phase and during operation, we will create jobs across various trades and professions. For the region, new jobs mean population growth, renewal of infrastructure and increased tax revenues. More people mean greater demand for products and services for existing and new businesses. Strong infrastructure and population give the region critical mass to expand sports, recreation and culture for all to enjoy.

C-Merak will play a role in strengthening the rural community today and into the future. Working with an economist and using available federal and provincial statistics, we are planning to generate an annual economic impact of $106M - that’s over $1B in 10 years.

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