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The world needs protein.

We have a solution.

As our population grows, we need alternative sources of protein to keep pace with demand. Plant-based protein offers a healthy and sustainable substitute. Here, in the heart of Canada’s agriculture industry, we are inspired to be part of the solution.

C-Merak was created with the intent of creating quality food ingredients from locally grown crops. The word Merak means a sense of oneness, bliss and fulfillment from the pursuit of simple pleasures. It captures what we do in agriculture – nurturing growth to feed and sustain life. Like our name implies, we create fuel for a healthier future with ingredients that fulfill one of life’s simplest pleasures – delicious, nutritious food.

We began by selecting the best protein-rich crop. Faba beans have been part of the human diet for over 10,000 years. Our first Faba bean crop was harvested in 2014 and we haven’t looked back. Very quickly we discovered the significant potential of this incredible bean.

Our approach is simple. We create Faba ingredients. It starts with our local family of producers who grow the beans. We collect the beans for cleaning, sorting and splitting at our terminal. The beans will be transformed into quality ingredients within our industry-leading fractionation plant. The protein, starch, flour and fibre are then available to create new innovative food, feed and industrial products.

We are part of the plant-protein evolution – and proud of it!

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